Matthew Blaney

Matthew Blaney HS  copy.jpg

Matthew Blaney (Matt),born in September, 1994, and a resident of South Belfast. Discovered acting while at RBAI, where he studied English Literature from local poet Frank O'rnsby, aswell as many other inspireing and encouraging teachers at school and in local amateur dramatics.

It was while performing in Michael Olkwell's producton of Bugsy Malone in 2011 that acting became the calling, and training the priority. After a few failed attempts, Matt secured a place at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and moved to London in 2014 to begin the 3 year BA Honours Degree. It was "A roller coaster - lots of ups and downs, but well worth doing in the end".

Matt lives in Camden, London, but desires to work in both Ireland and the Uk, "bounceing back and forth" as much as possible. He is delighted to be signed with Jobbing Actor's Agency and looks forward to the work we're going to achieve in the future:

"The North of Ireland is an untapped resource of talent not to be reckoned with, and Belfast and it's Artist's represent that ten fold. What we lack in opportunity we make for in passion; hard graft and raw talent.

We're living in uncertain times, which often leads to strong moments of creative expression, some of which we're already seeing on stage and screen.

I'm excited to begin being apart of it - and becomeing a #jobbing AcTOR"