Neil Heaney

Neil Heany HS FB.jpg

Neil has been acting for many years but his passion really kicked in when he started to study acting at B-Tec level. Neil then furthered his learning by heading to Belfast, to study at HND level were he passed with flying colours.

It was during his time in Belfast that he gained his first experience on the professional stage, when he worked with big telly theatre company touring with an alcohol awareness campaign.

He then went on to work with Tinderbox Theatre Company playing the role of 'Mooner' in The Graveyard Shift, for the Pick 'n' Mix Festival at The Mac. From there Neil has worked in many short films such as 'The Ghost of Sugar Island' and 'The Lift' to name but a few. Neil has also won numerous awards on the Northern Irish Drama circuit including two Best Actor awards, and two best young actor awards for his role as Gregor Samsa In 'Metamorphosis'.