Nuala Davies

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A graduate of Queen's University Belfast, Nuala has been working within the creative sector in Northern Ireland for the past seven years in a variety of capacities, with a brief stint in London working in creative content. Her skills range from actor, singer, facilitator, writer, cabaret artist, host, audio production and much more. Some of her credits include, The Cabaret Supperclub (Artist in residence), Fast and Loose (Accidental Theatre), Bedlam Bazaar (Amadan), Hallowistmas (Otter Debauchery), I AM BABA (Anna Newell), The Jazzabelles (Nicholas Boyle), Turtle (Punched Canvas), Belfast By Moonlight (Kabosh). This year she is also completing her Yoga teacher training in India. Nuala has a full, clean UK drivers licence and is available for touring productions, having assistant stage managed and driven a transit van for Irish tour dates, as well as performed within the show. Her extensive experience within the arts have made her an all round creative meaning she has a great breadth and understanding of the artistic world. Nuala holds a certificate in Grade 8 Musical Theatre Performance and Production, alongside her degree in English Literature and Theatre Studies. She has a basic knowledge of a variety of instruments having been in various bands throughout her creative career, with some experience in Opera.